Introducing MEL's Bag of the Month Club

for Machine Embroidery Lovers

Get your embroidery machine ready, dig through your stash for your favorite fabric (even the small bits!), and join me for more fun than you've had in years!

Each month, you'll be introduced to a new bag (sometimes an entire collection!) designed to help you sharpen your skills, exercise your brain, and have loads of fun along the way.

Thousands of people around the world will be stitching with you as you create something gorgeous month after month. Stretch your comfort zone, try new materials, and discover things you never thought you could do as you stitch up these fun, useful bags each month.

MEL will bring you a new bag every month. You may be wondering, who is MEL anyway? Well, she's a Machine Embroidery Lover just like you!  Here to bring more fun to your life AND your stitching every month. 

Grab a friend, choose some of your favorite materials, jump in with both feet, and embrace one of the things you love to do most: create.

Each month, on the 21st, a new bag design will be released, featuring gorgeous Machine Embroidery, maybe with some appliqué and/or quilting thrown in. Some months will even have additional projects to make an entire collection of beautiful designs- at no additional cost!

In addition to getting new designs each month, you will also have the chance to connect with machine embroidery lovers just like you all over the world in our private community. 

That’s part of what makes this club oh so special - we will all be working on our bags together throughout the year! Sharing our own adventures with our bags, celebrating our wins, and enjoying the time spent together with our machines.

But these bags aren’t just any bags… they’re bags made with your very own two hands.

Something money can't buy.

Reminders that you can create something beautiful.

The bags you make during this year will give you a creative outlet, a way to keep your mind busy, and a space where you can connect with others all around the world who share your passion. Plus, they’re a great way to use that stash you’ve been promising yourself you would get to. Solids, unique prints, fun materials… they all have a place in MEL’s Bag of the Month Club! 

~ Susan F ~

I love it and can’t wait to make another one!  Thanks Sarah for another great project! 

~ Claire M ~

Once I had made one, one of my friend wanted it and then I thought about whom I could give it to, so here are my 3 bags! One is for me! I love this pattern and I am looking forward to future months!

~ Kathy Sodt ~

Thanks for the videos Sarah. I’m a visual learner. I do a lot of embroidery projects. I’m excited to see what the next bag will be. I plan on making this design again. 


What's Included Each Month?

A New Bag Each Month

  • Do you like to change out your bag often or have options readily available? Making a new bag each month allows you to do just that!
  • Plus, these make great gifts because they are practical, beautiful, and relatively quick to stitch out.

Detailed Instructions

  • Download a PDF file with step-by-step instructions that show you just what to do each month - complete with detailed diagrams!
  • AND/OR watch the video tutorials that will guide you every step of the way.


Multi-Formatted Designs

  • Designs that can be used in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join the fun no matter what brand of machine you own.
  • Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, JEF, PES, and VP3.
  • Required hoop size: 6" x 10" (150mm x 260mm)

Online Portal

  • Each month will be delivered to you via an online portal which allows you to access everything included from any computer, tablet or phone anywhere you are connected to the Internet.
  • No more worrying about losing a CD or having your computer crash. You can access the portal 24/7! Plus you get unlimited downloads which means less stress when technology doesn't behave.

A Private Online Community

  • A place for you to ask questions, share your successes and challenges, and form lasting friendships with other quilters all over the world. 
  • Beginners are welcome! Our spaces are positive and uplifting for individuals of all skills and levels.
  • You will also receive an invitation each week to join our LIVE zoom call!


Lifetime Access

  • Once you pay for a month, it will be available to you for life! You can make a new bag each month with us or set your own pace.
  • Don't want to make a certain bag right now? Skip it, it will be available for you to make later (it might end up being a perfect gift for someone special!)
  • Want to come back months or years later and make a bag again? It will be right here waiting for you.

Take a look at the bags that have been released so far...


December 2021: MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection


Start here with the monthly subscription or get all 2021 bags with the annual option!

MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection is just the thing to have all of your essentials in one place.  The 2 different sizes gives you lots of options for using this bag in your daily life or for travel. 

November 2021: MEL's Everyday Elegance Clutch & Wallet Collection


MEL's Everyday Elegance Clutch & Wallet Collection combines function and beauty into a gorgeous set you will be happy to take to your next holiday party, special event, or even just to the grocery store!

October 2021: MEL's Confection Carrier


MEL's Confection Carrier is the perfect solution to carrying your holiday treats in style! With a drawstring closure that fully opens picnic basket style and convenient handles, your treats will be protected and warm wherever you go.

September 2021: MEL's Diamond Duffle Bag


MEL's Diamond Duffle Bag comes in 3 different sizes so you have just what you need at your fingertips. The bag is beautifully lined on the inside and has pockets to help you keep everything right where you want it. This bag is pieced and then quilted in the hoop, with the end pockets construction also being done in the hoop. You're going to have so many uses for these bags!


August 2021: MEL's Okily Dokily Bag

MEL's Okily Dokily Bag 
is a chic 7.5" diameter circular bag perfect for dressing up or dressing down! With gorgeous embroidery on both sides and two strap options to transform it from a tote to a shoulder bag, there's always a perfect occasion to use this beautiful bag!


July 2021: MEL's Wildflower Pouch


MEL's Wildflower Pouch Collection

Go out for a walk, pack your favorite pouches for vacation, or simply get organized around the house with MEL's Wildflower Pouch Collection. With 2 different sized water bottle holders and 3 different size pouches, you can stitch up your perfect combination!

June 2021: MEL's Fun in the Sun Beach Bag


MEL's Fun in the Sun Beach Bag is the perfect bag to carry all your summer essentials! Featuring 6 machine embroidery applique beach scenes, gorgeous quilting in the hoop, and loads of pockets - you'll have as much fun making it as you will relaxing on the beach! The beach bag measures 20" x 10" x 11" tall; the pillow measures 21" x 21"; and the table runner 70" x 17".

May 2021: MEL's Doodly Whatsit Backpack


MEL's Doodly Whatsit Backpack comes in 2 sizes and is so much more than just a bag! Make the drawstring backpack for a fun bag to take on the go, the tote bag, a pillow, a basket, or anything your heart desires with the beautiful motif. This design is so much fun, the only trouble you'll have is deciding what to make first! 

April 2021: MEL's What the Flap Bag


MEL's What the Flap Bag measures 9" x 12" x 3" deep and offers all the options! Choose your favorite flap or stitch them all, and interchange them with the easy snap-on design. Make a tablet sleeve or zipper purse - yes, all with the same design! This design has it all :-)

March 2021: MEL's On The Run Shopping Bag


MEL's On the Run Shopping Bag measures 12" x 16" x 7" and features the word SHOPPING on the front. A chic diamond design and a "secret" zipper pocket is on the back - that just happens to be the exact same size as a chocolate bar! 

February 2021: MEL's Everyday Bucket Bag


MEL's Everyday Bucket Bag comes in 2 sizes. The large one is 8" x 10" and 4" deep. The small one is 6" x 8" and 4" deep.

Make the large or small version depending on your needs - or make them both! 

January 2021: Call Me Chic Phone Organizer


The Call Me Chic Phone Organizer measures 4" x 7" and includes 4 different front flap designs so you can choose the one you love the most, make multiple and switch them out, and just have fun with this bag!


Introducing MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection

MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection is the perfect way to brighten your day and set the tone to take on the world! Perfect to hold all your "getting ready supplies", this will be the bag you reach for morning after morning.

The small bag measures 8" x 6" and is 4" deep at the bottom.

The large bag measures 10" x 7.75" and is 6" deep at the bottom.

The zipper opens all the way around to be sure you have easy access to your favorite things plus the gusset inside makes sure nothing spills out!

Make a his and hers matching Get Ready, Go! toiletry set to keep the bathroom counter clutter free and your daily essentials within reach.  Then, the next time you take a trip, just toss your Get Ready, Go! Bags in your overnight bag or carry-on and you'll be ready for anything.

The bags are also a fun option to store your crocheting or other small craft project in an easy bag you can grab to curl up on the couch or take with you on the go.


~ Melody F ~

I must tell you again, I love your projects and your detailed instructions, even a beginner could do your projects without fail.  I have done your projects in the past as well as many other designer's projects -- no one compares to you and your meticulously detailed projects!

~ Vickie B ~

I have made all of them except the shopping bag but I love all of them! I have learned so much. I had never made a purse before MEL's Bag of the Month Club but I won't be stopping now!!

~ Carol Y~

How precise Sarah’s instructions were! Made the learning experience so much easier. I couldn’t have picked a better person to learn from and I was totally in the dark about who she was and how good she was. And including a FB group to the mix... truly the best!

Where will your bag take you?


We are so excited to bring together the love of machine embroidery and sewing with the love of having the perfect bag for every occasion. MEL's Bag of the Month Club promises to be loads of fun, an amazing way to connect with other people, and of course, full of gorgeous patterns and designs you'll love to stitch and everyone will want.

There are three options to sign up and join us!


Option 1 -  Purchase the Current Month's Bag Only

Love the look of the current bag but not sure you want to stitch a different bag every month? This is the perfect option for you! Available from the 21st (release day!) through the 20th of the following month.

Option 2 -  Sign Up for the Monthly Subscription & SAVE

You love making bags and want to receive a new one each month? This option includes a bag each month for a reoccurring, automatic payment. This is a true subscription product - you will start with the current month's bag. Cancel anytime. Previous months will be available for purchase at a discounted price.

Option 3 - Purchase all 2021 Bags & SAVE EVEN MORE!

Get all of the 2021 bags and always have the a fun project on hand to start creating! This option is less than $17 a collection!


MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection

Single Payment of $25

Get only the Get Ready, Go! Collection

MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection  is just the thing to have all of your essentials in one place.  The 2 different sizes gives you lots of options for using this bag in your daily life or for travel. 


MEL's Bag of the Month Club Monthly Subscription

Monthly Payments of $19.90

Join us monthly! Cancel anytime.

Save 20% on each future month with this subscription!

Get the current month (MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection)  immediately. Future months will be delivered to you automatically every 30 days. Cancel anytime.


MEL's Bag of the Month Club 2021

Single Payment of $199

Best Deal! Get ALL of the 2021 MEL Collections!

Get ALL of the 2021 Collections - including bags, quilts, table runners, wall hangings, and more! Scroll down to see each month in more detail.


Considering  the year of MEL Bags? Take a look at all you'll get immediately upon sign up!

All of the 2021 Collections are included!

December 2021: MEL's Get Ready, Go! Collection

November 2021: MEL's Everyday Elegance Clutch & Wallet Collection


October 2021: MEL's Confection Carrier


September 2021: MEL's Diamond Duffle Bag


August 2021: MEL's Okily Dokily Collection


July 2021: MEL's Wildflower Pouch Collection


June 2021: MEL's Fun in the Sun Collection


May 2021: MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection


April 2021: MEL's What the Flap Bag


March 2021: MEL's On the Run Shopping Bag


February 2021: MEL's Everyday Bucket Bag


January 2021: Call Me Chic Phone Organizer