Simply Dreaming

A Mystery Medallion Block of the Month Quilt


Simply Dreaming is a mystery medallion quilt, presented a "ring" at a time, over the 12 months of 2019. Featuring machine embroidered appliqué and quilting in the hoop, this quilt is for beginners to advanced embroidery machine owners alike. 

The hearts, soft lines, and beautifully simple patterns that come together in this brand-new design are reminiscent of what 2019 will bring: beauty, love, ease, and simplicity. That's why this exciting Mystery Block of the Month Project was named "Simply Dreaming.”

A Sneak Peek...

Month 4 is live! The 5" blocks version, now at 35" x 35"

It's a fresh start, a celebration of exciting things to come, and a reminder that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. With each month, you'll be presented a new block. As you complete your blocks, you'll learn more about using your machine and various techniques - all leading up to a beautiful, elegant, finished quilt you can snuggle up with as you think of all your amazing memories of 2019.

Simply Dreaming brings the things that matter the most into focus in this beautiful New Year, as we all work together to bring this quilt to life.

It’s my sincere wish that Simply Dreaming leads to hours of creating, inspiration, and fulfillment for you in this new year. Can you imagine us all, tucked away in our own corners of the world, curled up in our finished Simply Dreaming quilts, sipping hot cocoa, and thinking about all the wonderful times 2019 had to offer?

Will you join us?

Some of Our Amazing Student Projects for Month 2

"I have never done a mystery quilt or a long project like this. But since I love Sarah and am in awe of her talent, I know this will be a great experience!"


Simply Dreaming is not just another quilted in the hoop quilt. There’s no sashing to worry about on the back. There are no bulky batting-in-the-seam-allowance seams. It’s not stiff from too much stabilizer because I’m going to show you a better way.

Simply Dreaming is a quilt that will teach you a few new ways to do things with your embroidery machine, and you can take these new tips and tricks into other projects and creations in the future.

The pattern allows you to choose from 2 sizes to create your Simply Dreaming quilt – or do both:

  • 5” Blocks: Requires a hoop that is at least 130mm x 180mm to create a quilt that measures 65” x 65”
  • 7.5” Blocks: Requires a hoop that is at least 200mm x 200mm to create a quilt that measures 97.5” x 97.5”

Another Sneak Peek...

Month 4 is live! The 7.5" blocks version, now at 52.5" x 52.5"

When I created Simply Dreaming, I envisioned people all over the world coming together to work on a common goal: completing a beautiful quilt. Some will start the project having never done anything like it while others will be more familiar.

The community that has been created to encourage and support each other while stitching out this quilt has been truly amazing. It’s the perfect resource for people of any level to come in and share their wins, ask questions, and get the help they need to be successful for this project. It’s simply amazing.

"I’m so excited to see people from all over the world joining this BOM! One huge fringe benefit to quilting/sewing, is how much we already have in common as complete strangers! It’s just amazing. I’ve loved reading all the comments and I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who is addicted to and owns all of Sarah Vedeler’s designs! My grown children raid my house when they visit to take home treasures that I’ve’s so hard to part with them, but I also love their reactions to the beautiful designs created by Sarah. A million thank you for such stunning designs! "


A Recipe for Success...

Here’s how all the months break down to create a stunning, finished quilt you’ll love:

Embroidered Appliqué

Months 1-4:

Machine embroidered appliqué designs to create the center of the quilt

Month 7-9:

Embroidered appliqué designs to create the borders of the quilt

+ Quilting in the Hoop

Months 5-6:

Quilting in the Hoop designs to quilt the center of the quilt

Months 10-12:

Quilting in the Hoop designs to quilt the borders of the quilt

+ A Touch of Innovation!

Also in Month 12:

How to add the borders to the center with a "barely there" join technique.

Join the Simply Dreaming Facebook Group!

Be part of the community that is coming together to spend some quality time stitching in 2019!

Some of Our Amazing Student Projects for Month 2

What's included each month...

Detailed Instructions:

You’ll receive Print and Video instructions to make the process quick and fun, no matter your learning style.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Applique Shapes:

For maximum versatility and accessibility, you'll receive instructions for preparing your applique shapes 3 different ways. You can use SVG files with your favorite electronic cutting machine; BERNINA Cutwork files to use with the BERNINA Cutwork Tool; or use printable templates and cut by hand.

Multi Formatted Designs:

You can use these designs in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join in the fun no matter what type of machine you have. Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VP3, XXX

A Lovely Private Community:

Join us in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your progress so you feel totally supported and encouraged during the process. This is also a great way to ask me any questions if you have trouble along the way.

"Can’t wait to get started on the 2019 Mystery Quilt! With out seeing it, I know it will be awesome. And, I know I’ll be able to succeed because of the excellent instructions in the past. Haven’t decided what size I will make, though. Thank you, Sarah for creating this new project for us all!!! "


Simply Dreaming is a quilt in the hoop block of the month project unlike any other. You won’t be trying to work on the entire thing in the hoop. You won’t be worried about how the back looks from the joining technique because I have an innovative “barely there” technique you are going to LOVE - and you can use it again and again in the future. And you certainly won’t be stuck only hanging this quilt on your wall or draping it over a chair, hoping no one notices how stiff it is. You can snuggle up with it, give it as a gift for someone to enjoy, or display it proudly - the choice is yours and the options are limitless!

Some of Our Amazing Student Projects for Month 2

Will you join us to watch the mystery unfold?

Pricing Options

Jump right in, stick with the original schedule AND get 2 months free when you purchase the entire year! OR Take your time with a monthly payment plan




Take your time!

Get month 1 immediately. Subsequent months will be delivered every 30 days after you sign up for a total of 12 months. 





Receive 2 months FREE when you purchase the complete program!

Months 1-4 are now available! Subsequent months will be released on the 16th of the month, through December 2019. 


How much fabric will it take?

Check out the fabric requirements for both sizes by clicking the buttons below.

Fabric Requirements 5" Blocks
Fabric Requirements 7.5" Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to choose one of the sizes or do you give access to both size?

A: You have access to both sizes! In fact, some people are working on both sizes at the same time!

Q: Do you use dies from previous quilts for Simply Dreaming or is this handcut shapes? I have dies from other quilts of yours.

A: The hearts on the larger version of the Simply Dreaming quilt are from the Heather Feather #2 die. All of the rest of the shapes are new!

Q: What sizes are the finished quilts?

A: When you do the 5-inch blocks, the quilt measures 65 inches x 65 inches. When you do the 7.5-inch blocks, the quilt measures 97.5 inches x 97.5 inches.

Q: What if I want to make this quilt larger. Can I just add borders to expand it?

A: Yes! You can add borders and make it larger!

Q: Is the BERNINA Cutwork Tool needed?

A: No, you can do the whole project without it.

Q: I’m new to quilting. I do have a sewing and embroidery machine but I have never done applique. Can I really do this?

A: Yes! I give detailed instructions as well as videos that make following along easy for anyone. Plus, you can join the free Simply Dreaming private Facebook group where you can ask questions if you get stuck!

Q: Is this quilt as you go?

A: Months 1-4 are embroidered applique, then in months 5-6 we quilt the center piece. In months 7-9 we do more embroidered applique for the border, then quilt it in months 10-12. Also, in month 12, I’ll show you how to add the quilted border to the quilted center.

Q: Do I need a long armer to work on the quilt or to finish it?

A: No! You won’t need one for the entire project. You can do the WHOLE THING using your embroidery machine!

Q: I really want to join, but I don’t have the money, machine, or fabric to start now. Can I join later?

A: Yes! I’m leaving this open all year so you can join us at any time.

Q: I will be using the templates for the applique designs. Do they give a bit of wiggle room or are they exact? Can I place fabric then trim instead?

A: The templates are exact, and so are the instructions! Follow them step-by-step and you can’t go wrong. There’s a better way to do it than trim in place 😊


Some of Our Amazing Student Projects for Month 2


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