Do You Want to Let LOVE Radiate From Your Awakened Heart?

Fall in love with this brand new beautiful machine embroidery applique collection MELs everywhere will enjoy

{MEL = Machine Embroidery Lover}


The Awakened Heart Collection

If there was just one thing you could manifest in and for the world in 2024...

What would that one thing be?

When I asked myself this question...

Hands down, I'd manifest LOVE in the hearts of ALL people.

Is that possible?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But... if I can find some LOVE in my heart...

Love for myself and love to share with just one other person...

This will make a difference.


If other MELs can find LOVE in their heart...

To love themselves and share that LOVE with just one other person...

We could transform the world!

Posies for MEL

As quilters, we're creators.

When we are creating, we're loving ourselves.

And when we gift our creations to others, we are loving others.

The Awakened Heart Collection was designed to make loving ourselves - and loving others - easy!

With 7 hearts, each in 3 sizes, that's a total of 21 unique designs.

Each of these designs can be stitched up as a standalone "pocket" (Phase 1 - available NOW!)


as an applique to be used on quilts, pillows, table runners, aprons, jackets... and a hundred other places! 

MEL Posies

The large hearts measure 8½" wide and range from 8" to 11" tall, requiring a hoop that is at least 240mm x 305mm.

The medium hearts measure 6¾" wide and range from 6¼" to 8¾" tall, requiring a hoop that is at least 200mm x 250mm.

The small hearts measure 5" wide and range from 5" to 6½" tall, requiring a hoop that is at least 150mm x 200mm.

Posies Machine Embroidery

The back of each heart is oh so soft minky with a zipper allowing access to the lined interior of the heart. (Yes - there is an option to install the zipper using your embroidery machine!)

On the front of each heart (medium and large sizes) there is a pocket for tucking a love note.

🌟🌟🌟 Each heart can be created 100% in the hoop using your embroidery machine 🌟🌟🌟

Posies Machine Embroidery

Make the Hearts & Kisses quilt any size you like!

These gorgeous hearts as appliques can be stitched both with or without a pocket on the front.

An infinite number of variations of the Hearts and Kisses quilt can be created, with just 2 variations shown below.

Kisses as 12" blocks, 10" blocks, 8" blocks, 6"  blocks, 5" blocks and 4" blocks are included ... pieced and quilted in the hoop.

The quilts shown measure 51" x 60" and 47" x 60, perfect for snuggling on the sofa.

Use these designs to make everything from a placemat up to a king size quilt, showcasing your favorite heart designs.

The panels are quilted in the hoop and then joined together using Sarah's Revolutionary NEW Sashing technique (instructions included!)

Here's Everything You Get...

Detailed Instructions AND Videos

  • You’ll receive detailed and illustrated written instructions that can be viewed on your favorite device or printed out for convenience.
  • AND you can watch each heart come alive with our getting started videos.

2 Different Ways to Cut Your Applique Shapes

  • Templates to print, trace and then cut by hand.
  • SVG files to use with your favorite electronic cutting machine and FCM files to use with your Brother ScanNCut.

Multi-Formatted Designs

  • Designs that can be used in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join the fun no matter what brand of machine you own. Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, JEF, PES, and VP3.
  • Designs for the heart pockets are available immediately.

Immediate & 24/7 Digital Access

  • Awakened Heart Collection is delivered to you via an online portal which allows you to access everything included from any computer, tablet or phone anywhere in the world where you are connected to the Internet.
  • No more worrying about losing discs, corrupt USB sticks, computers crashing, or shipping times! You'll get instant access to your files and unlimited downloads from our online portal.

Live Q&As and a Lovely Online Community

  • Join us each month for live Q&A Zoom Calls where I answer your questions and we inspire each other. This is a place for you to ask questions, share your successes and challenges, and form lasting friendships with other quilters all over the world.
  • Beginners are welcome! All you need to know is how to turn your embroidery machine on!
  • Come to our private Facebook Group to share your project, ask questions, and meet new friends!

Awakened Heart Collection


What's included: 

  • Detailed written and illustrated instructions with getting started videos

  • 2 ways to cut your applique shapes
  • Multi-formatted designs
  • Immediate & 24/7 digital access
  • Lifetime access
  • Small hearts can be stitched in a hoop that is at least 150mm x 200mm
  • Medium hearts can be stitched in a hoop that is at least 200mm x 250mm
  • Big hearts can be stitched in a hoop that is at least 240mm x 305mm
  • An invitation to participate in The Awakened Heart Project (details coming soon!)

Awakened Heart Collection Beginner


What's included: 

  • Detailed written and illustrated instructions with getting started videos

  • 2 ways to cut your applique shapes
  • Multi-formatted designs
  • Immediate & 24/7 digital access
  • Lifetime access
  • Small Hearts ONLY can be stitched in a hoop that is at least 150mm x 200mm
Posies for MEL
"Your designs are beautiful!"

Oh, your designs are beautiful!

When I read your instructions, it's just ABC.

This is what you do, and all I need to do is follow it.

~ Shirley S, fellow MEL from CO
Posies for MEL
"Easy to do!"

Your designs are so wonderful, and they're easy to do if you just follow the instructions.

It's good that you are an engineer, because then you figure out how it goes together so that other people can do it.

And I think that's a talent, a good talent.

~ Mailyn W, fellow MEL from AR
Posies for MEL
"Fun and amazing!"

I think Sarah's designs are just fun and amazing.

When I get everything stitched out, it's like I'm holding it up and I go, wow, did I really do that?

~ Carol C, fellow MEL from TX
Posies machine embroidery applique

Meet Your Designer

Dr. Sarah Vedeler

Since I was a young girl, I loved sewing.

That love transformed into a hobby, a passion, and finally, a career.

Over 2 decades ago, I left corporate America...

To design my own quilts and share those designs (as well as classes on how to use them) with quilters all over the world.

I discovered my super-power and purpose:

To ignite the fire of creativity in the hearts and minds of people who are hungry to experience the transformative process of creating something beautiful themselves.

It's been incredible to watch people of all skill-levels and walks of life grow their skillset and their confidence using my designs.

In beautiful nerdy fashion, I mash up my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science and career as a Software Engineer with a love of color and design. 

The result?

Machine embroidery applique and quilting in the hoop designs which allow YOU to create spectacular quilts and other projects you never thought were possible...

Until now.

Sarah Vedeler

Creating magic is just a stitch away.

Let LOVE radiate from your heart to others!

Posies for MEL

Our Stitch Something Awesome Guarantee!

Create something amazing and don't forget the share the results with us! We are always on hand to help and dedicated to making sure you experience the joy of creating craftwork that you can't wait to show off, or your money back.