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You’re here because you have a passion for creating beautiful things and drool over machine embroidered appliqué.

I’m here because I have a passion for teaching you to create beautiful things and also drool over machine embroidered appliqué!

Meaning of Life Designs was founded with the idea that creating beautiful things brings joy, nourishment, and healing to the soul. I believe anyone can learn to do this and do it well, so my designs are appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced creators.

Machine embroidered appliqué should be easy and fun. It should lead to finished projects that you adore and can use in your everyday life – not just stiff show pieces.

The designs you find here are beautifully digitized, come with detailed instructions (sometimes additional video lessons), and are meant to be enjoyed throughout the process.

I combine an eye for design, attention to every little detail, and innovative methods so the patterns are easy to follow, and the ends results are useful. You’ll end up with a cuddly quilt, a beautiful decoration, or a lovely gift for someone special.

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"I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who is addicted to and owns all of Sarah Vedeler’s designs! My grown children raid my house when they visit to take home treasures that I’ve’s so hard to part with them, but I also love their reactions to the beautiful designs created by Sarah. A million thanks for such stunning designs!"


What’s New at Meaning of Life Designs

Will you join us for The Christmas Stocking Project and stitch up a difference this Christmas?



 The NEW Christmas Stocking Collection opens the doors to so much more than just creating something beautiful. It's an opportunity to contribute something to the greater good of the world as you participate in the magic of creating. It's healing, beauty, inspiration, and infinite joy.

You can create the quilt with gorgeous stocking blocks or make up the standalone stockings for beautiful Christmas décor. But why stop there? There's plenty of time to do both! And while you're stitching up something special for yourself or a loved one, set aside a little time and materials to make an extra stocking for The Christmas Stocking Project.

Join us and quilters all over the world as we come together to make a difference this Christmas. The Christmas Stocking Project is how you can be involved! Use your love of machine embroidery to remind someone they matter and they are loved. 

Stitch up these stockings with us and then ship them to our collection location. They'll be filled and donated to foster care in Arizona to give as many kids as possible a Christmas Stocking to hold their hopes and dreams. A tangible item they can look at and remember that someone in this big wide world loves them and is rooting for their success. We are calling them Dream Catcher Stockings - a place for them to put their dreams all year long, not just at Christmas. 


"I have many of Sarah’s designs and have used them over the years for several projects and have several waiting to be executed. Sarah’s attention to detail and her explicit instructions make her designs exceptional. "


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