Hi, I'm Sarah!

Since I was a young girl, I've had a love for sewing.

That love transformed into a hobby, a passion, and then a career.

Nearly 2 decades ago, I started designing my own quilts and offering those designs (as well as classes on how to use them) to quilters all over the world.

I discovered my super-power and purpose.

To ignite the fire of creativity in the hearts and minds of people who are hungry to experience the transformative process of creating something beautiful themselves.

Watching people of all skill-levels and walks of life grow their skillset and their confidence has been incredible.

In beautiful nerdy fashion, I mash up my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science and a career as a Software Engineer with a love of color and design.

The result?

Machine embroidery applique and quilting in the hoop designs which allow YOU to create spectacular quilts and other projects.

Creating designs that are so much bigger than us...

If you’ve ever given a special new quilt to a mom-to-be, a fun wall hanging to a beloved friend, or a custom decoration to a teacher who could use a little encouragement, then you know firsthand that the things you create are so much bigger than you.

They go on and brighten lives, bring joy to others, and become special memories that person carries with them.

From the up-all-nights in that special blanket to folding it up for his keepsake box on his first day of school.

From your hands to that dear friend’s wall – a reminder she is loved and you’re just a call away when days get lonely.

To that teacher who proudly displays your creation to welcome her students…

Your creations live on.

My designs live on.

And even if you’re creating them all for your pure enjoyment… they live on.

You get days, months, and years of joy from the things you create as you cuddle up with the quilts, show off your latest handywork, and pull those special items out to decorate the house for the holidays…

It never ends.

Maybe sometimes it’s not about the joy in the moment, but the joy you trust is coming.

Maybe stitching and creating is a way for you to find a little escape for the difficult moments.

The hard seasons in life that you just have to wait out.

I know because I was there when my daughter had a hemorrhagic stroke.

When I wasn’t taking care of her, creating in my sewing studio became my nourishment.

My healing.

With every stitch flowed the questions and tears… the wondering how we were going to make it through.

But we did.

We made it.

And you’ll make it too.

Just keep stitching.

Creating is so much bigger than switching on a machine and picking out some fabrics and thread.

It’s life changing.

The joy.

The love.

The inspiration.

The nourishment.

The healing magic of creating.

All of this?

This is the vision behind Meaning of Life Designs.

It’s why I’m here always thinking of new designs and techniques to keep the love and magic circulating.

And I hope it’s the reason you’ll keep coming back for more, always remembering that ...

When you start a new design, you’re creating beauty, inspiration, and infinite creative joy to heal the heart and nourish the soul.

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"Sarah Vedeler…you continue to amaze me with your designs!

This is the 3rd “block of the month” type quilt I’ve done with you (Simply Dreaming and Sunshine Cove).

You make a difference and I’m so thankful that I found you and your designs. Thank you!"

Susan F, fellow MEL from NC

"Your love of life shines in your gorgeous designs and the passion you show in your educational videos.

You encourage me to aspire to greater things.

Thank you to the community you have created of uplifting, amazing women that are supportive and so giving."

Carol C, fellow MEL from TX