Heart to Heart

A Gorgeously Versatile Design Collection Full of Love


"The only way to start is heart to heart."


What if you could own easy-to-use versatile designs that work perfectly on a variety of projects? 

Quilts? Check!
Clothing? Check! 
Decor? Check! 

... and so much more. 

Inside this collection are 18 hearts in 3 different sizes. Each beautifully designed featuring machine embroidery applique with coordinating quilting in the hoop. The designs are so versatile you can use them in a quilt, make gorgeous pillows, adorn tea towels and napkins, on clothing… anything that could use a little more love.

"And this, my friends, is the sign of a great designer who produces designs to a professional standard , backed up by excellent instructions - the bits that have to match, do so, exactly, without the pulling and pushing that's so often needed to achieve the same result. Thank you Sarah!"

~ Elizabeth S. ~

Introducing Heart to Heart

The All New Hearts Collection

With a kid heading off to college last summer, I wanted to send her off with a reminder that she is loved. A reminder that goes well beyond words, and that will last a lifetime. A reminder that she can literally wrap around herself. 

What better time than this to re-create the Hearts collection that I love so dearly? When I realized it had been 10 years since the Silk Hearts quilt debuted, I knew we had to celebrate!

Heart to Heart is a new take on the original Hearts collection. It incorporates a decade of learning and wisdom. It takes my favorites from the original collection and adds some beautiful new design elements.

The girls and I were busy, cutting, stitching, and sharing memories as we’ve worked to bring this new collection to life with all kinds of projects, and I am so in love with how it turned out!

I decided to name this new collection Heart to Heart because I wanted to honor the original Hearts collection. And once I made that decision, I truly hoped it would resonate with people all over the world. 

What better time than now to share your heart?

If we’d all get heart to heart and love each other, there’d be a lot more peace and happiness in the world. 

And the greatest of these is love… 

I hope that when you’re stitching up the hearts in this beautiful collection, you keep this in mind and use each stitch as an opportunity to spread some love and allow yourself to be loved in return. 

I made this beautiful quilt for my sweet great niece, Ellie, who made her debut last year. Even though she lives far away, she has this piece of me to cuddle up in and know how much I love her. Before I sealed the box for shipping, I added in this sweet monkey, Pippo. 

My mum bought Pippo the Monkey books and a stuffed monkey for my nephew, Matthieu, (Ellie's Dad) many years ago. Matthieu, Pippo, and I went everywhere together! Now Ellie has her own Pippo, a fun story, and a beautiful handmade heirloom quilt she can share with her children one day. That's what quilts like these do - create memories to be treasured for decades to come.

"Sarah, I too want to thank you for your incredible talent and willingness to share with us. I am learning more than I had hoped for, both in cutting machine skills and embroidery mastery.... Even though I have been doing machine embroidery for more than 30 years. I am in awe of your tenacity for getting it perfect."

~ Diane C. ~

What's Included with the Heart to Heart Collection...

Detailed Instructions:

You’ll receive detailed instructions to make the creation process quick, easy and fun! These designs are perfect for beginners, as well as advanced stitchers with years of experience.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Applique Shapes:

For maximum versatility and accessibility, you can prepare your applique shapes 3 different ways. Use SVG files with your favorite electronic cutting machine; use BERNINA Cutwork files with the BERNINA Cutwork Tool; or use printable templates and cut by hand.

Multi Formatted Designs:

You can use these designs in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join in the fun no matter what type of machine you have. Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VP3, XXX.

Digital Access:

Access your designs and instructions immediately in our online portal - no waiting for shipping - you can get started right after you click the buy now button!

Instructions for 2 Different Quilt Patterns:

Make a darling baby quilt (36" x 48") or a sweet twin-sized quilt (83" x 101"). Or make one of the variations! The choice is yours - it's all included!

Unlimited Project Options:

These designs are so versatile you can use them anywhere! Be creative, the options are endless. With this purchase, you'll receive machine embroidery applique and quilting in the hoop designs. In addition to making quilts, these designs are perfect for napkins, towels, t-shirts, and anything else you can think of!

Check out some of the projects we made with these beautiful hearts!

Heart to Heart is the perfect collection to add to your design library. Whether you want to commit time to making a quilt or would just like to tackle a few small projects or gifts - this design collection has something for everyone.

Heart to Heart
features 18 different machine embroidery applique designs, each with two versions to make it easy to center the hearts, in a square orientation and in an on-point orientation:

  • 6 small hearts (for hoops at least 100mm x 100mm or 4" x 4")
  • 6 medium hearts (for hoops at least 130mm x 180mm or 5" x 7")
  • 6 large hearts (for hoops at least 200mm x 200mm or 8" x 8"


In addition to the beautiful heart designs, you get gorgeous quilting in the hoop (for hoops at least 200mm x 200mm or 8" x 8"):

  • Quilting for the small hearts set in 5" blocks, square and on-point orientation, and a border to increase the 5" block to 6"
  • Quilting for the medium hearts set in 7.5" square blocks and 6" on-point blocks
  • Quilting for the large hearts set in 10" blocks, both square and on-point orientation
  • Quilting for beautifully pieced 12" blocks

"I am doing things I didn't think I would ever try. Your designs are elegant and the instructions are so clear. Thank you for all the work you do to help make us better quilters."

~ Carol K. ~

"This is what is so special about Sarah’s work. So detailed yet comes out perfectly so easily. Makes me feel confident."

~ Jill W. ~

Instructions to Make These Quilts are Included!

Baby Quilt

Using the small hearts in 5" x 5" square blocks:
36" x 48" with sashing
30" x 40" without sashing

With sashing: quilt each block in the hoop and hide the joins under the sashing. Super quick and easy!


Piece the blocks with or without sashing to create the quilt top and quilt the whole quilt in the hoop.

Either way, this quilt is perfect for any baby or toddler to snuggle with.

Using the medium hearts in 7.5" x 7.5" square blocks:
50" x 67" with sashing
45" x 60" without sashing

Using the large hearts in 10" x 10" square blocks:
65" x 87" with sashing
60" x 80" without sashing

Twin Quilt


Small, medium and large hearts set in on-point 12" blocks

Beautiful scrappy or with a more organized color layout

83.5" x 101.5"

Quilt it in the hoop, block by block, with the joins hidden under beautiful quilted sashing. The back has it's own secondary design featuring large squares of gorgeous quilted color.


Piece it to create the complete quilt top and quilt it using your favorite quilting method.

These hearts look great on everything...

Combine the Heart to Heart designs with my Bottomless Basket Pattern to make these beautiful baskets. It's called "bottomless" because it doesn't have a stitched-in base, which means it's a lot easier and more fun to make! See more details here.

Inside the Bottomless Basket pattern are written and video instructions to show you how to make these beautiful baskets:

The Small Basket

5.5" tall
10" diameter

The Medium Basket

8" tall
15.25" diameter

The Large Basket

10" tall
19.75" diameter
Includes full size pockets all around the front!


The Beautiful Bases

These gorgeous bases are the secret to my basket creation method. They're removable, not stitched in, making the baskets a lot easier to make than you would think! 


Create something amazing with these beautiful hearts! Get your copy today!

Heart to Heart



18 heart designs:
6 x small hearts; 6 x medium hearts; 6 x large hearts

Quilting in the Hoop designs for each heart

Multi-formatted designs for use in all brands of embroidery machine: ART, ART60, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VP3, XXX

3 ways to cut your applique shapes: SVG, BERNINA Cutwork, or printable templates

Detailed instructions to make the Baby Quilt & Twin Quilt


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