Bottomless Baskets

A fabulous way to get more out of your favorite machine embroidery or quilting in the hoop designs!

I love a good basket.

And like anything I love, I found myself wondering if there was a way to recreate it combining my passion for machine embroidery applique and quilting in the hoop.

But the problem is that it can be really difficult to make a beautiful round basket with a stitched in base. And at the end of a full year, I wanted easy.

Then I realized, who said it had to have a stitched in base anyway?!

Once I let go of that "rule", magic happened!

Introducing  Bottomless Baskets 

A fun way to reuse any design collection!

These baskets aren't intended for heavy-duty use since they don't have a ton of support, but they have just what they need to look gorgeous decorating your house and showing off your favorite designs.

I love them all stacked up together and displayed, at the center of the table full of holiday décor, or sitting on the floor.

The detailed instructions allow you to take ANY design collection and turn it into a basket with these easy step-by-step instructions!


Love a design collection but don't have the time, energy, or fabric to make an entire quilt?

Make a bottomless basket!

Had a quilt block go a bit wrong but it's still beautiful? 

Make a bottomless basket!

Used scrap fabric and thread to practice a new design but the results actually came out quite pretty?

Make a bottomless basket! 

Made a quilt, wallhanging, or tuffet and want to have a little something more to tie your room together and play off the beauty you've made?

Make a bottomless basket!

See a design a loved one would enjoy but can't get a quilt finished in time for the special occassion?

You guessed it, make a bottomless basket!

For the rest of the year, my solution to everything may be make a bottomless basket! :-)

"This is what is so special about Sarah’s work. So detailed yet comes out perfectly so easily. Makes me feel confident."

~ Jill W. ~

What's Included with the
Bottomless Baskets Pattern...

Detailed Instructions

You’ll receive detailed instructions to make the creation process quick, easy and fun! This process is perfect for beginners, as well as advanced stitchers with years of experience.

In-depth Size Creation Guide

I have done all the math for you so you don't have to stress about each piece of your basket! A detailed size guide is included to help you makes circular baskets 4-12 inches wide. Start with the finished width of the design panel you want to use and immediately see how many panels, sashing, and the width to trim. 

Unlimited Inspiration 


I show you how I took multiple design collections and used them in the baskets I made. You can recreate these exact baskets using the instructions and corresponding design collection or you can use them as inspiration to match your own designs together.


Each basket is made with a removable base which is the perfect blank canvas for your favorite quilting or machine embroidery designs.

Here Are Some of the Baskets Made with These Instructions...

The Christmas Stocking Basket

This festive basket features quilted in the hoop blocks from The Christmas Stocking Advent Quilt design collection. Constructed of 12 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from the Feather Fancy design collection, this basket will be ready for Christmas year after year.

8.75" tall and 18.25" diameter

The MERRY Basket

This cheerful basket features quilted in the hoop blocks from The Express Yourself design collection. Constructed of 6 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from the The Heart of Sunshine Cove design collection, this basket is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

6.5" tall and 10" diameter

The LOVE Basket

This sweet basket features quilted in the hoop blocks from Let There Be LOVE Pillows design collection. Constructed of 4 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from The Heart of Sunshine Cove design collection, this basket will warm hearts year round. 

9.5" tall 

Simply Dreaming Month 3 Circular Basket

This beautiful basket features quilted in the hoop blocks from the Simply Dreaming design collection. Constructed of 4 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from the Abundance design collection, this basket will look great in a variety of colors for any décor or occasion.

8" tall and 9.75" diameter

Simply Dreaming Month 3 Square Basket

This pretty basket is just like the Simply Dreaming Month 3 circular basket only I made it square!. Constructed of 4 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from the Abundance design collection, this basket warms hearts year round. 

5.5" tall 

Simply Dreaming Month 6 Basket

This classic basket features quilted in the hoop blocks from the Simply Dreaming collection. Constructed of 4 panels with a beautiful base that uses designs from the the Abundance design collection, this basket will coordinate with any décor.

4.25" tall and 9.25" diameter

"I am doing things I didn't think I would ever try. Your designs are elegant and the instructions are so clear. Thank you for all the work you do to help make us better quilters."

~ Carol K. ~

Get Started Making Your Baskets Today!

Warning... it can be addictive! :-)

Bottomeless Baskets Pattern


  • Instructions to turn any design into a bottomless basket.
  • A detailed size creation guide so you don't have to do any of the math!
  • Instant and 24/7 hour access to your purchase using our online portal
  • Lots of possibilities for reusing existing or future designs!