Are you ready to make your Easter


With Easter just around the corner, and a national egg shortage (here in the United States at least!), making Easter egg-straordinary might seem like a pretty tall order.

And it would be without MEL.

MEL is a Machine Embroidery Lover.

She loves to use her embroidery machine to create beautiful works of art she's proud to display in her home, and even gift to her family and friends. 

And she has just the thing to make this Easter special!


MEL's Easter Basket Collection

MEL's Easter Basket Collection

Featuring brand new Easter egg designs in 2 sizes, and 3 Easter baskets, this collection is up to the task of making your Easter egg-straordinary!

You'll have everything you need to create a memorable and delightful Easter celebration.

6 different egg designs come in 2 different sizes. 

The small eggs measure 2 ½" tall - about the same size as a large chicken egg - and are featured on the small basket.

The large eggs measure 3" tall and are featured on the large basket.

Easter Basket Collection
MEL's Easter Basket

Perfect for small hands

The small basket measures 6" diameter and is 7 ½" tall.

Imagine colorful eggs hiding in the grass, with the sun rising over the hilltops.

A handle makes this basket perfect for small hands to carry while collecting their Easter goodies.

MEL's Easter Basket

Gorgeous and easy

The medium basket measures 8" diameter and is 8 ½" tall.

The quilted background makes it easy to position the strips that make up the gorgeous lattice.

Use this basket as a centerpiece for your Easter celebration, maybe brimming over with seasonal flowers.

MEL's Easter Basket

Beautiful centerpiece

The large basket measures 12" diameter and is 4 ½" tall.

Featuring a dozen large eggs, this basket can hold a treasure trove of Easter chocolate!

Create it using pastel shades or bright and vibrant hues to welcome in the Easter holiday.

Machine Embroidery Easter Basket
Machine Embroidery Easter Basket
Machine Embroidery Easter

What makes MEL's Easter Basket Collection truly special is the attention to detail that has been put into each and every design.

From the delicate embroidery stitches to the intricate patterns, every element of the collection has been carefully considered, to make your creative experience a pleasure.

Here's What's Included...

Whether you're an experienced embroiderer, or you're just starting out, MEL's Easter Basket Collection has something for everyone.

Here at Meaning of Life Designs we are committed to bringing joy and creativity to our customers.

We believe that this collection is the perfect way to celebrate the season and create beautiful, memorable Easter decorations that will be treasured for years to come.

So why not join us and discover the joy of MEL's Easter Basket Collection today?

MEL's Easter Basket Collection


What's included: 

  • Detailed written instructions and getting started videos

  • Multi-formatted designs
  • Immediate & 24/7 digital access
  • Lifetime access
  • 6 Easter egg designs, each in 2 sizes
  • Instructions to make 3 different baskets, measuring 6" diameter and 7 ½" tall, 8" diameter and 8 ½" tall and 12" diameter and 4 ½" tall
  • Each basket contains a removable base to strengthen the bottom of the basket. These can also be used as coasters, mug rugs and table decorations for all your Easter celebrations

MEL's Easter Basket Collection with Stitchout


What's included: 

  • Everything in MEL's Easter Basket Collection
  • An invitation to join Sarah for an Easter stitchout on Friday March 31, 2023, 9am-noon PDT
  • Join us from the comfort of your own home while meeting new friends in this class that will be hosted on Zoom
  • Stitch up a dozen gorgeous Easter eggs and receive tips for creating the 3 different baskets
  • The main teaching sessions will be recorded for you to refer back to later
Machine embroidery applique Easter
"Your designs are beautiful!"

Oh, your designs are beautiful!

When I read your instructions, it's just ABC.

This is what you do, and all I need to do is follow it.

~ Shirley S, fellow MEL from CO
Machine embroidery applique Easter
"Easy to do!"

Your designs are so wonderful, and they're easy to do if you just follow the instructions.

It's good that you are an engineer, because then you figure out how it goes together so that other people can do it.

And I think that's a talent, a good talent.

~ Mailyn W, fellow MEL from AR
Machine embroidery applique Easter
"Fun and amazing!"

I think Sarah's designs are just fun and amazing.

When I get everything stitched out, it's like I'm holding it up and I go, wow, did I really do that?

~ Carol C, fellow MEL from TX

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Sarah Vedeler

Since I was a young girl, I've had a love for sewing.

That love transformed into a hobby, a passion, and then a career.

Nearly 2 decades ago, I started designing my own quilts and offering those designs (as well as classes on how to use them) to quilters all over the world.

I discovered my super-power and purpose:

To ignite the fire of creativity in the hearts and minds of people who are hungry to experience the transformative process of creating something beautiful themselves.

Watching people of all skill-levels and walks of life grow their skillset and their confidence using my designs has been incredible.

In beautiful nerdy fashion, I mash up my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science and career as a Software Engineer with a love of color and design. 

The result?

Machine embroidery applique and quilting in the hoop designs which allow YOU to create spectacular quilts and other projects. 

Sarah Vedeler

Are you ready to make your Easter Egg-straordinary?

easter embroidery designs

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