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MEL's Beach House Pouch

Even when you can't get to a beach, you can enjoy the view when you make MEL's Beach House Pouch

MEL's Beach House Collection

When you can't make it to the beach in person, and you're longing to hear the sound of waves lapping on the beach and watch the sun rise (or set!) over the mountains, stitch up MEL's Beach House Pouch!

MEL's Beach House Pouch is 10" wide, 9" tall and 3" deep (or however deep you want to make it!). 

We made it up in micro suede (4" deep) and quilting cotton (3" deep) and it's gorgeous both ways.

With the beach house view on the front and mirrored on the back, you can enjoy the view from all directions. 

A zipper with 2 pulls allows you to fully open the pouch and stash anything you want.

How about lunch? MEL's Beach House Pouch is the perfect container. 

What about carrying your toiletries and makeup? MEL's Beach House Pouch is perfect for that too :-)

MEL's Beach House Pouch
Beach House Pouch

We love MEL's Beach House so much, we decided to stitch up a bag too! 

With a gusseted base, this bag is perfect to grab when you're running out the door. Pop your wallet, phone and car keys inside and you're good to go.

Measuring 10" wide and 10" wall, MEL's Beach House Bag opens up to about 2" across the base, and has a zipper closure to keep everything inside.

We think you'll love the construction of this bag as there is no turning through a hole that then needs to be stitched closed. 

What's Included...

MEL's Beach House Pouch Collection


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Beach House Collection
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MEL's Beach
MEL's Beach Pouch
MEL's Beach House Collection
MEL's Beach House Collection
MEL's Beach House Collection
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