MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection

A versatile, all purpose design collection featuring contemporary motifs. Make a bag, a pillow, a basket, and more - if you can imagine it, you can make it!


MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection, the May 2021 Bag of the Month from MEL's Bag of the Month Club, is so much more than just a bag! Make the drawstring backpack (in 2 sizes!) for a fun bag to take on the go. Then make a couple of changes to transform it into a tote bag (also in 2 sizes). Then use the beautiful motif to make a pillow, a basket, or anything your heart desires. This design is so much fun, the only trouble you'll have is deciding what to make first! 

MEL's Doodly Whatsit Backpack
MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection

You are probably wondering... what's a Doodly Whatsit?!

You know those words you have in your vocabulary that are just automatic? You use them without even thinking of it, usually in place of another word you can't think of but sometimes just as a reaction.

That's what a Doodly Whatsit is. As in "can you please hand me the doodly whatsit?" or "the doodly whatsit over there goes here."

Doodly Whatsit came to mind as the perfect name for this collection. It's an all-purpose kind of name for an all-purpose collection. There are so many uses for this design! When putting this collection together, we made 2 different styles of bags (in 2 different sizes), a pillow, a basket, and had ideas for even more. You name it, you can make it with this motif!

MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection includes MEL's Doodly Whatsit Backpack (the large one measures 11" x 16" x 5"; the small one measures 8" x 13" x 5") and features the beautiful motif on the front and lots of goregous quilting. Turn this bag into MEL's Doodly Whatsit Tote by removing the drawstring and backpack straps! Then use the motif to make a pillow, table runner, quilt, or anything you'd love to make. The contemporary design can face in or out to create variation and interest as you alternate blocks.

Doodly Whatsit Backpack
Doodly Whatsit Bag
MEL's Doodly Whatsit Bag
MEL's Doodly Bag

What's Included in "MEL's Doodly Whatsit" Collection...

Detailed Instructions


You’ll receive detailed written instructions and step-by-step video instructions to make the process quick and fun, no matter your learning style.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Applique Shapes

For maximum versatility and accessibility, you'll receive instructions for preparing your applique shapes 3 different ways. Use SVG files with your favorite electronic cutting machine; BERNINA Cutwork files to use with the BERNINA Cutwork Tool; or use printable templates and cut by hand.

Multi-Formatted Designs

Designs that can be used in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join the fun no matter what brand of machine you own. Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, JEF, PES, and VP3.

Digital Access


Access your designs, instructions and videos immediately in our online portal - from anywhere with an Internet connection. No waiting for shipping - you can get started immediately, right after you click the "Buy Now" button!

Also, no need to worry about losing a CD or having your computer crash - log in and download the designs any time.

A Lovely Private Community

Join us in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your progress so you feel totally supported and encouraged during the process. This is also a great way to ask questions and get feedback!

Instructions to Make Multiple Projects

I'll show you how to make two bags, the Doodly Whatsit Backpack and the Doodly Whatsit Tote. You can also use the motif to make a pillow or a Bottomless Basket with the included instructions. This motif design can be used on any project you dream up!

Doodly Whatsit Backpack
Doodly Whatsit Backpack
Doodly Whatsit Backpack details

Marilyn S.

As I’m going through this quilting process, I can’t believe how beautiful the quilting designs are! I would never have such a custom quilted look without learning this process! Yes it takes time and precision, but the results are spectacular! Thank you so much for this beautiful quilt!

Melanie G.

Sarah’s designs are actually beautiful art. Sometimes when you look at the end result before starting it can be very intimidating because it’s absolute beauty. But she goes through it step by step in her videos and also gives us printed instructions. You end with a truly beautiful quilt. Another great point is that once you buy it, you always have it so there's no rush to finish!

Nola G.

Your instructions are well laid out and explained. I couldn’t have found a better website and Facebook friends. You have given good advice and help along the way. Thank you to everyone. A big thank you to Sarah for all the work she puts into helping us all learn so much in such little time!

Doodly Whatsit Bag details
Whatsit Bag details

MEL's Doodly Whatsit Collection


Included in your purchase:

  • Detailed instructions, both written and step-by-step videos
  • 3Ā ways to prepare your applique shapes
  • Multi-formatted designs
  • Digital 24x7 access
  • A lovely private community
  • MultipleĀ projects
  • Get lifetime access to all instructions, designs and videosĀ  with an easy, one-time payment.Ā 
Doodly Whatsit Collection
Doodly Whatsit Collection
Doodly Whatsit Collection
Whatsit Collection