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MEL's Swag Bag

Featuring a spider web motif that could have you crawling out of your skin for Halloween - or simply enjoying the fun!

MEL's Swag Bag Collection

We had Halloween in mind when we were designing and creating MEL's Swag Bag, the October bag for MEL's Bag of the (Every Other) Month Club. A bag that could be used by the little ones as they are out trick or treating. A bag that could be used to store their swag! 

MEL's Swag Bag turned out to be so much more.

There's an elegance to this bag which makes it perfect as a run around town bag. Measuring 7" diameter and 10.5" tall, it will hold everything you need. The tie closure stops things from falling out. The adjustable strap gives you the option to wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag. 

MEL's Swag Bag is fully lined with 2 interior pockets. 

It's surprisingly quick to stitch and assemble. And if you just don't like spider webs, but you love the rest of this bag, it's super easy to replace the spider webs with any in-the-hoop quilting design (and we have quite a few of those!)

What's Included...

MEL's Swag Bag Collection


Included in your purchase:

  • Detailed instructions, both written and step-by-step videos
  • Multi-formatted designs
  • Digital 24x7 access
  • WeeklyĀ Live Q&As
  • A lovely private community
  • Lifetime accessĀ 

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Swag Bag Collection
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MEL's Swag Bag
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MEL's Swag Bag Collection
MEL's Swag Bag