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Express Yourself

Say What? Anything You’d Like!

Quilters deserve to not only design what they want to design, but to also say what they want to say. And now you can with the Express Yourself Design Collection.

This collection grew out of the Peace, Love and Joy Design Collection — after quilters clamored for the rest of the alphabet. I also included numbers and a couple punctuation marks. All are quilting-in-the-hoop designs as well as stand-alone, embroidered appliqué designs.

You can either choose your own message, or use the fun crossword quilt that’s included with this collection. Beware - it's not a perfect crossword!

Quilt (72" x 78")


  • Embroidered appliqué stand-alone designs for the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and punctuation !, ?
  • Quilted-in-the-hoop blocks (5” x 6”) for all characters, each with 3 different quilted backgrounds.
  • 3 Quilted-in-the-hoop blocks featuring a heart motif, a 4-heart motif and a diamond motif — each with 3 different quilted backgrounds.
  • Instructions to make the Express Yourself Crossword Quilt
  • Instructions for making a Merry Christmas wall hanging
  • GO! LOVE, GO! PEACE and GO! JOY AccuQuilt GO! dies are available to cut the letters A, C, E, J, L, O, P, V, Y.
  • Printable templates included for all applique shapes
  • New! SVG files included for cutting applique shapes using an electronic cutting machine

Speak your mind now with this gorgeous embroidered appliqué alphabet and order the Express Yourself Design Collection.

Additional Details:

  • Multi-format collection includes: ART, ART60, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, VP3, XXX.
  • All projects shown can be created using a 5" x 7" hoop.
  • Quilted in the Hoop finished block size 5" x 6".
  • Crossword Quilt size: 72” x 78”
  • Merry Christmas wall hanging size: 45” x 12”

Fabric: Quilter's Shadow 4516 from Stof was used for the original quilt. 

Thread: AURIfil Cotton Mako 50 weight for piecing, quilting and embroidered appliqué.

Thread Colors: 2692, 1158, 2600, 2021, 4020, 1133, 2135, 1147, 1148, 5005, 2810

The following AccuQuilt GO! dies can be used with the Express Yourself designs:

  • GO! Peace (55305), 10" x 10" die
  • GO! Love (55306), 10" x 10" die
  • GO! Joy (55307), 6" x 12" die









Due to the digital nature of our products, all purchases are final. No refunds will be issued.