Winter WonderlandĀ Collection

AĀ special holiday collection featuring 42 beautiful machine embroidery applique designs and multiple projects to inspire tradition and celebration.


You can almost hear your favorite Christmas music playing, the warm fire crackling, and happy chatter from the family when you look at this beautiful collection. The Winter Wonderland Collection is the perfect addition to any traditions you already have in your family and a great invitation to start some new ones.

With a total of 42 stunning machine embroidery designs (included as individual designs, formatted as basket panels, and formatted as tree skirt wedges) varying from stars, trees, and snowflakes to the traditional Christmas Village and fun train set you see around so many Christmas trees, this collection will have you wishing it was Christmas more often!

Winter Wonderland Collection

Make the Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Skirt to anchor your decorations in a warm, celebrative theme. Keep the fun and cheer going with the Winter Wonderland Bottomless Baskets. Yes, they have bottoms! The "bottoms" or bases aren't stitched in (making these super easy to make!) and can be adjusted to allow you to stack the baskets or fill them - plus use the bases in many other ways such as table toppers, "chargers" for plates, and more. 

When you stitch up these designs, they'll quickly become a centerpiece for your family to gather around and celebrate year after year. Stack the baskets and decorate them with ornaments and lights or use them as a special advent calendar to countdown the days. 

Make special baskets for your children, grandchildren, or other children in the family and fill them with their gifts so each one's gifts are all together and contain something they can cherish for decades to come.


Winter Wonderland
Winter Embroidery
Winter Applique
Winter Wonderland Collection
winter machine embroidery designs
winter machine embroidery designs
winter embroidery designs

Big bang for your buck! You learn new techniques that bring embroidery to life. Attention to detail and the colors... beautiful colors. It will be your pride and joy. Yes, you can make this! 

~ Elizabeth K. ~

"I love your projects and your detailed instructions, even a beginner could do your projects without fail.  I have done your projects in the past as well as many other designer's projects -- no one compares to you and your meticulously detailed projects!"

~ Melody F. ~

"Your designs are very well done and the details are extraordinary. I closed my quilt shop right around when COVID started - I was a Bernina dealer and taught the embroidery classes for 13 years.  I have done many embroidered quilts but I have to say your designs and the instructions are the best!"

~ Jenice M. ~


What's Included in the Winter Wonderland Collection...

applique embroidery designs
applique machine embroidery
bernina embroidery designs
Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

Detailed Instructions


You’ll receive detailed written instructions that show you just what to do be successful and create something you love for decades to come!

Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

3 Ways to Prepare Your Applique Shapes

For maximum versatility and accessibility, you'll receive instructions for preparing your applique shapes 3 different ways. Use SVG files with your favorite electronic cutting machine; BERNINA Cutwork files to use with the BERNINA Cutwork Tool; or use printable templates and cut by hand.

Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

Multi-Formatted Designs

Designs that can be used in all brands of embroidery machines so you can join the fun no matter what brand of machine you own. Includes: ART, ART80, DST, EXP, JEF, PES, and VP3.

Required hoop size: 6" x 10" (150mm x 260mm)

Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

Digital Access


Access your designs, instructions and videos immediately in our online portal - from anywhere with an Internet connection. No waiting for shipping - you can get started immediately, right after you click the "Buy Now" button!

Also, no need to worry about losing a CD or having your computer crash - log in and download the designs any time.

Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

A Lovely Private Community

Join us in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your progress so you feel totally supported and encouraged during the process. This is also a great way to ask questions and get feedback!

Winter Wonderland Machine Embroidery

Instructions to Make Multiple Projects

I'll show you how to make the Winter Wonderland Tree Skirt, the Bottomless Baskets, and the bases that can be used for so much more than just the baskets! Plus, you can use these designs again and again in other projects!

machine embroidery applique
machine embroidery applique
machine embroidery applique designs

"Sarah, I too want to thank you for your incredible talent and willingness to share with us. I am learning more than I had hoped for, both in cutting machine skills and embroidery mastery.... Even though I have been doing machine embroidery for more than 30 years. I am in awe of your tenacity for getting it perfect."

~ Diane C. ~

"I am doing things I didn't think I would ever try. Your designs are elegant and the instructions are so clear. Thank you for all the work you do to help make us better quilters."

~ Carol K. ~

"And this, my friends, is the sign of a great designer who produces designs to a professional standard , backed up by excellent instructions - the bits that have to match, do so, exactly, without the pulling and pushing that's so often needed to achieve the same result. Thank you Sarah!"

~ Elizabeth S. ~

machine embroidery quilting designs
machine embroidery quilts

Listen to the snow falling as you hear the train coming around the beautiful, snowy mountain into the Christmas Village where your family are all gathered to enjoy another holiday season. You might not have snowy mountains or be vacationing in a Christmas village in your real Winter Wonderland experience, but you can create the same warm feelings with your embroidery machine right from your own home.

I'll show you how to make these  baskets:

  • Star Tier - 8" diameter, 6" tall - 6 unique stars
  • Snowflake Tier - 12" diameter, 8" tall - 8 unique snowflakes
  • House Tier - 16" diameter, 8" tall - 10 unique houses
  • Tree Tier - 20" diameter, 6" tall - 6 unique trees
  • Train Tier - 25.75" diameter, 8" tall - 12 unique trains, 1 of which is the engine

Total height when stacked = 36"

Stack with the "base" at the top or fill them with the base at the bottom. Or use them unstacked individually!

machine embroidery designs quilting
machine embroidery designs quilting

Plus how to make the tree skirt:

  • Star Tier - 18" diameter
  • Snowflake Tier - 30" diameter
  • House Tier - 46" diameter
  • Tree Tier - 58" diameter
  • Train Tier - 74" diameter

Use all 5 tiers or as many tiers as you need to make the size you want for your beautiful tree.

Winter Wonderland Collection


Included in your purchase:

  • 42 unique machine embroidery designs all as individual designs, formatted as basket panels, formatted as tree skirt wedges
  • Stitch Along taking place on Zoom and in the Facebook group
  • Detailed written instructions to make the tree skirt, the bottomless baskets, and the bases
  • 3Ā ways to prepare your applique shapes
  • Multi-formatted designsĀ 
  • Digital 24x7 access
  • A lovely private community
  • Lifetime accessĀ 
machine embroidery designs applique
machine embroidery designs in the hoop
machine embroidery designs in the hoop
machine embroidery designs in the hoop
machine embroidery applique how to
machine embroidery applique how to
machine embroidery applique how to
machine embroidery applique designs
machine embroidery applique designs
machine embroidery applique designs